The oldest funeral service in Woking

The business that became Woking Funeral Service was founded by Mr Henry Ingram at Goldsworth Road in 1880 and is the oldest funeral service serving the community in the Woking area.

Branches of Woking Funeral Service in Knaphill and Woking are conveniently located and serve people of many different cultures and faiths, as well as those with no religious belief. The special relationship with the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking helps the team provide tailored support in planning a Muslim funeral. Branches provide accessible Chapels of Rest, and at Woking a multi-faith wash facility is provided.

Woking Funeral Service was founded by Mr Henry Ingram at Goldsworth Road in 1880
The business that became Woking Funeral Service was founded
by Mr Henry Ingram at Goldsworth Road in 1880.
Woking Funeral Service was founded by Mr Henry Ingram at Goldsworth Road in 1880

As well as assisting the bereaved to make the arrangements for their loved ones, Lorna and the team can help with memorial masonry work and advising on funeral plans, which with the rising cost of funerals every year can be a wise investment.

Lorna Foster, Funeral Arranger
Lorna Foster, Funeral Arranger.

‘”My job is extremely fulfilling, albeit meeting people at a sad time.” said Lorna, who has been with the company since 2018. “It is very rewarding to help people make decisions for their loved one’s funeral arrangements and it makes my day when clients pop in for a cup of tea and a chat after the funeral.”

Staff at Woking Funeral Service are recruited from the local community and some of the team supporting Lorna are James Ray – Area Manager, Caitlin Crispin-Maguire – Funeral Director and Sam Bryan – Funeral Director.

You may not know it, but:

Woking Funeral Service supports a range of local fundraising activities, including the annual Woking & Sam Beare Hospices Dragon Boat Race, in memory of Woking resident Kris Cook, who was raising money for Woking Hospice when he died during the 2014 Ride London-Surrey 100 race.

The Knaphillian (TK): So, Lorna – what made you want to become a funeral arranger?

Lorna: I always wanted to be in the funeral industry in some capacity, even when I was at school. It was something I’d always yearned to do so I was so happy when the opportunity presented itself.

TK: Are there any other business people or businesses that inspire you?

Lorna: Richard Branson. He’s creative, innovative and a very down-to-earth individual (and yes, I have met him!)

TK: What was your best moment in 2018?

Lorna: A year ago I started my job with Woking Funeral Service. My other best moment was moving into my house, which I love.

TK: What are your hopes for 2019?

Lorna: For my family to be happy and healthy. Also I wish the news would be less depressing!

TK: What makes you laugh or feel happy?

Lorna: My family, my cats and my new home.

TK: What do you do on your days off?

Lorna: Cleaning! Or I enjoy getting on a train and having a wander around the West End and catching a show or a movie.

TK: Do you have any hobbies?

Lorna: I have been fascinated by Egyptology since I was small girl. I think my interest piqued when my parents used to take me regularly to the museums in London and my favourite was always the Egyptian rooms. When I was little my grandparents used to have a holiday home on the Isle of Sheppey next to a local artist of some renown and he’d painted huge murals of Greek Gods and Goddesses and Ancient Egyptians all over the walls of his house and I was mesmerised by them. I’ve been to Egypt twice and seen many of the sights and antiquities but this year, I’m going on a Nile Cruise which is so exciting.

TK: What makes your weekend complete?

Lorna: Relaxing with family and friends, a lovely Sunday roast with a couple of glasses of wine.

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