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The Garibaldi is an award winning public house in Knaphill village.


With only a couple of weeks to go before The Garibaldi is due to open again, we spoke to Landlord Martin Durrad, who told us the fruit and veg deliveries will end w/c 22nd June and take-away food and drinks orders are suspended now, while he gets everything ready for opening. Martin has raised over £1,700 for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices from donations for deliveries in the past few weeks, and thanks everyone who has donated.

In accordance with government guidelines, The Garibaldi should open again on 4th July, and will be running a reservation system for tables, that will be set at a safe distance apart. We will publish details as soon as we can, or you can follow GaribaldiKnaphill on Facebook for updates.

Martin’s story during lockdown was as follows and we were pleased to be able to highlight the good work he has done for the community, while keeping busy and sane!

“Obviously with the pub closed we’ve had to change quite significantly. We now offer takeaway or delivery food from our online menu (Tuesday to Saturday, 5-9pm). We started off with draught beer and all our other drinks as well but, unfortunately, with deliveries not being an essential service (I’m sure a LOT of my customers would argue otherwise!) our beer range has tapered off. We ARE still selling wine, spirits, mixers and bottled beers but again, as they taper off…….

“We don’t charge for delivery, but we hope that people make a donation to Woking & Sam Beare Hospice for the delivery. Just add it on to your payment and the pub will double your donation (up to the value of a fiver).

“We’ve been talking to The Downslink Challenge guys and we’re a little worried that Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care cannot raise any cash from their cafés and fund-raising activities and SO we would like a delivery donation. Your choice how much. But we here at Garibaldi Towers will match your donation up to the value of a fiver.

“We KNOW these are difficult times for EVERYONE but those in the hospice need you lot more than ever. Give freely, unlike those in power, we here in the Woking area really are in this together!”

Garibaldi Knaphill
The Garibaldi – like a pub, but better!

The Knaphillian asked Martin what measures he is taking to protect staff and customers when they enter the premises:
“We are directing people through the patio doors when picking up. We offer bank transfer payments, or card transactions if you are in the pub. If we are delivering, we’ll knock on your door, leaving the food on your doorstep and standing back two metres. If you’re paying cash with the delivery, we’ll leave a packet in there for your cash, the change will be in a similar packet.

“My staff wear gloves (we’ve always worn gloves in the kitchen anyway) and change them as often as they need and sanitise their hands to within an inch of their lives!! We’ve basically taken our normal, excellent, cleaning regime (hence 5 stars from the EHO) and put it on steroids!”

Are there any different goods or services you are now offering residents while the pub is closed?
“We are offering weekly Boz fruit and veg deliveries to those locked in. If you ring the pub before 5pm on Wednesday, we collate all the orders, have Boz deliver to us (it’s easier for them to do one delivery than 10 or 12 in the same area) and we then split it out and take it to the customer. As with our food and drink delivery we don’t charge for delivery BUT we would appreciate a donation to Woking & Sam Beare Hospice.

Garibaldi fruit and veg

“So far, with the donations from you lovely lot and our double up thingy, we’ve raised well over £1,400. Being as the hospices have had a LOT of their fund raising activities curtailed (including, unfortunately, the Downslink Challenge that is run from the pub!) we’re trying to do as much as we can for them.”

Once you are open again, what would you ask of your customers and potential customers?
“Just to observe the rules that will be in place for their safety. And patience. Especially at the start, we’ll be finding our feet again and working hard to learn quickly how to put it all into place, so patience would be REALLY appreciated!

“When we eventually do come back, rightfully so pubs, restaurants etc will be the last to open, we’ll inevitably have some social distancing rules in place. Quite what those are yet, we can’t say but we’d ask people to be patient with us, we’ll post everything you need to know on the website and social media pages so please keep an eye on them for info.”

Martin Durrad, Landlord The Garibaldi

For food/drink take-away orders and orders for Boz’s fruit and veg, contact Martin:
Tel: 01483 473374

To keep up to date with news and offers:
Twitter: @GaribaldiKnap
Instagram: GaribaldiKnap


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