The Art House, Woking

The Art House, run by Geeta Bhana, offers art classes and workshops including painting, sculpture, print making and mosaics for children and adults.

“I run an art school, so I have created an online art shop where people can purchase art kits (for adults and children) and creativity can still continue at home. I’ve also been continuing with Zoom video lessons for my private students and continuing with art classes. 

“The art kits have also been offered to those who had booked and paid for art classes during the Easter holidays. 

The Knaphillian asked Geeta: Once you are able to open again, what are your plans to keep you and your students safe at a safe social distance?
“Unfortunately, my studio is not large enough to continue with group art classes safely. However, if the weather is good, I could offer small group art classes in the garden area as children/ adults could be spaced out safely. No plans have been put into place for this though yet. 

Are there any changes to goods or services you are planning to offer?
“I will still offer my online art shop where people can purchase kits for themselves or for gifts.”


I don’t usually publish pics of myself but my friend Cheryl @cherylcattonphotography has created ‘Project Doorstep‘ during Lockdown. I thought it would be a good idea to document my time in my studio as it’s just me at the moment and the students on the other side of my screen.
Cheryl also took some lovely portraits of my family standing outside our house in our usual everyday clothes. Hence, the no make-up look and not very tidy hair! (Probably should have made a little more effort).
As you might have noticed I do wear my apron when I’m working in the studio, as it sets the mood.
If you’d like to be part of her project, get in touch with her, or keep her in mind for your future family portraits.

*social distancing rules were applied when Cheryl visited me*

Geeta Bhana
Owner, The Art House  

For more details of The Art House private tuition classes on Zoom for all levels of art, or for details of the new online art shop, where readymade art kits are available to purchase or bespoke kits can be arranged, contact Geeta at:

The Art Shop:


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