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Lifestyle documentary photography for families.

Jo de Magneval moved back to St Johns, Woking from France last year and brought her photography business with her.

The Knaphillian spoke to Jo, who told us:
“I specialise in lifestyle documentary photography for families, events and entrepreneurial branding, and because of the nature of my work, I have not been able to continue during the lockdown.

“Instead, I have been documenting my own family story whilst also raising money for the NHS with my ‘Stay Home Superheroes project’. This has enabled me to stay creative, which keeps me sane! My photographs document family stories through their own window to the outside world and I really feel that it captures this current sense of ’staying home’. 

“It’s been wonderful to see how people have been coping during this time and hearing everyone’s own lockdown story. The one reoccurring comment from those not directly affected by COVID19, is the love and gratitude people have for this enforced time together and for me, it makes it even more special to offer them a family portrait that tells their own unique memory, something for them to remember in years to come.” 

JdM Lockdown 1
JdM Lockdown 2

Jo’s friend Shyne Adcock, adds:
“Jo has been doing #stayathomesuperhero photos from families homes that she has walked or cycled to in the local area. She has done these for free, with suggested donations to her Just Giving page [for NHS: Help Our Heroes, run by International Association for Human Values] and if anyone orders any prints or other products, she is donating all proceeds too.
“I think she really deserves a shout out for what she has done. These images are a lovely momento of this time, plus raising funds for our NHS. 

“Here is the photo Jo took of our family.

Shyne and family

“And if you look on her Instagram page @jodmphotography and her Facebook page you’ll see all the families she has photographed there. 

For Jo’s Just Giving page, click here.

The Knaphillian asked Jo: Once restrictions are lifted, are there any changes you are planning to make?
“Now, the measures have begun to be relaxed I plan to start up my outdoor and location sessions again, with all the appropriate social distancing measures in place. I cannot wait to start shooting clients again!”

Jo is also co-owner (currently furloughed) of Cellar Magneval Wine Bar in Woking, so we thought we would cover that lock-down/return to work story too! You can read about it here.

Jo de Magneval Photography



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