Do you sell stamps?

The Knaphill Post Office is one of the longest established family business in the village, offering a main post office branch with a full range of postal services as well as foreign exchange, business and personal banking. As well as this, they supply international driving permits, digital driving licence renewals, a passport check and send service and digital passport renewals.

They will also provide instant passport photos … even for babies!

Integral to the business is the newsagents and shop that as well newspapers and magazines, offers a huge range of items from house ware, gifts and gift wrap, cards, a wide variety of storage boxes, stationery, wool assortments, books, garden bird food, mops and kitchen items. You can even buy snow shovels and sledges when the weather conditions are right!

You may not know it, but…

Cheque clearing banking services are available at the post office, so if your branch in the village is anything other than Lloyds, you shouldn’t have to go into Woking or elsewhere to pay money into your account.

The Post Office is run by Sub Post Master, Saj Hussain with Karen and Denise. The shop and newsagents, that delivers over two thousand newspapers a week to customers in Knaphill, Bisley, St Johns and Goldsworth Park, is run by Saj’s brother Jim with Tina.

In 2015, Saj was given a 30 year long service award from the post office manager.

The business started on 21st February 1986, as an opportunity arose in what Saj and his family believed was an upcoming area at the time. Saj tells The Knaphillian he has always been intrigued by the close knit community Knaphill has.

The Knaphillian (TK): So Saj, what makes you want to stay in Knaphill?

Saj: Where do I start, I’m now serving the third generation of our local residents. This business enables me to be a part of one big family. We have gone from employing local residents as paper boys on weekends, to now assisting them in completing their passport applications for their grandchildren. Why would anyone want to leave such a welcoming environment?

TK: What’s the most surprising thing you have been asked to do or provide?

Saj: The most surprising question we get asked is: “do you sell stamps?”

TK: What is the most unusual day in business you have ever had?

Saj: Well there was one day when I couldn’t find my key so ended up staying the night in the shop, the next morning I emptied all my bins out only to find it sitting in my cardigan pocket.

TK: What is the best decision you ever made and why?

Saj: To buy the business and serve Knaphill’s residents

TK: Are there any other business people or businesses that inspire you?

Saj: I’m always inspired by newcomers in the business, being one of the oldest businesses in the village and the longest serving, allows us to help these businesses flourish.

TK: What was your best moment in 2018?

Saj: Welcoming my youngest grandchild to the family.

TK: What are your hopes for 2019?

Saj: To serve the community of Knaphill to the best of my ability and make Knaphill a safer, pothole-free place to live and drive.

TK: What do you do on your days off?

Saj: I am an elected Surrey County Councillor, so I don’t get many days off!

Stop press…. Fruit and veg is being sold again from the Post Office shop!


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