An update on local shops and services

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and following the advice of the Government’s medical advisors as closely as possible.

We just wanted to say another MASSIVE thank you to those shops and services who continued to operate during lockdown and to remind you… please don’t forget all of those lovely small businesses and retailers that worked so hard to supply their goods during the lockdown, when your choices were limited. They kept you fed, bought goods to your door and supported local charities with their initiatives. They are still here. Still working. Still trying to earn a living, so please support our local trades. Buy from your local shops, go to the restaurants and pubs that are open or buy take-away food from them.


It’s more important than ever that local businesses survive after such tough times, and they can only do it with your help.

We have published some ‘back to business’ stories from some of our local Knaphill shops and services. The Knaphillian is very proud to support you all. You can read the posts here.

If you would like to tell us about your business for future editorials, please email

Our village and surrounding areas has a very strong sense of community, so none of you need feel alone. As well as The Knaphillian FB page the Knaphill Community, and Knaphill Village Community pages where you can share information or ask for help, there is an excellent platform for sharing information at the Next Door site. And please still remember your neighbours, who may be living alone or elderly and may not have access to the internet and social media. You could pop a note through their door with your telephone number so they know help is nearby if they need it.

The Woking Corona Virus Support and Mutual Aid is on Facebook. Its purpose is to help people and share information, so if you are on Facebook and need help or can help other people, join this group please.

Stay safe and well everyone.


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