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Cheryl specialises in maternity, new born and family photography.

The Knaphillian asked Cheryl about ‘Project Doorstep’:

“As a photographer, I have an extremely strong desire to capture this period in our lives. Not being able to photograph bumps, babies and families has been hard, but I have used this time to document lockdown for my family.

” ‘Project Doorstep’ was about capturing this time for other families – on their doorsteps. Each one as a record of the people who they spent time with during lockdown. The five minute sessions on doorsteps, were for new parents expecting a baby, parents who have had a lockdown baby, big families, small families and couples. I have even photographed a business owner who wanted to show her clients that she was still open for business (albeit virtually!).

“Each family who has been involved in this project, received a complimentary digital image as a keepsake. I am not sure what the end product will be – a book, an exhibition or maybe just a blog. However, as always with photography, if it’s not captured at the time, there is no way of going back.”

All good things must come to an end
“You may have seen in my Instagram/Facebook Posts, that I went out for ‘Project Doorstep’ for the last time this week. I felt a little sad to be honest. I’ve had such a great time meeting and photographing so many amazing families and raising as much as I can for @wsbhospices. It’s also kept my mind sane during lockdown and really helped me focus.

“As of now, ‘Project Doorstep’ has raised an amazing £1,485 for Woking & Sam Beare Hospices! I still have a few galleries to send out this week, so hopefully we can reach our £1,500 target! The kindness and generosity of the families who have donated, has been incredible. I am truly thankful to everyone for their participation and support.

Thank you to this lovely family of local doctors, for allowing me to share their doorstep photo: ?

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