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A multi-award winning Wine Bar and Caveau in the centre of Woking.

The Knaphillian recently learned about Jo de Magneval’s photographic business and her initiative in raising money for the NHS with her ‘Stay Home Superheroes project‘. As the name seemed familiar, we were interested to know how she and husband Thierry have adapted since their ‘Best Bar None’ award winning wine bar, Cellar Magneval was closed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Cellar Magneval

We asked Chef Sommelier/ Patron, Thierry de Magneval what changes he had made to the business during lockdown:
“Since just before our closure, we have been offering a delivery wine service to the local area. We have also recently brought back our cheese and meat platters as a takeaway option too, when ordering wine.

“We offer a wine buying service for those interested in building up their wine cellar stock as well as offering advice for all customers to ensure they select wines they will love.

“Helping people enjoy quality wines and enabling them to recreate their own version of Cellar Magneval at home has been wonderful and when they share their photos with us via social media it really keeps our morale up in this difficult time.

“We have also been having fun and creating short videos with our children at home of different recipes and mocktails for people to recreate at home. You can find them on our YouTube channel.”

How do you think you can keep staff and customers at a safe social distance once you can reopen?
“Currently, we are unable to make any firm plans as to how and when how we will reopen. Until the government decide on the restrictions that will be put in place, social distancing being an obvious one, we don’t feel we can make any decisions. Once measures have been put in place, we shall certainly be making plans to open our doors again and will ensure to keep both staff and customers safe.”

Is there anything you would ask your customers to observe when they return to you?
“To respect and uphold the restrictions that we will have to be working with, it will be a strange world for a while, but we hope not forever.”

Thierry adds:
“We are so thankful for all the support we have received since the closure. It really is helping us to survive and we cannot tell our customers enough how important those wine orders are! If this level of support can continue and grow then we will be opening our doors once again to welcome everyone back.”

Thierry de Magneval
Chef Sommelier/ Patron, Thierry de Magneval

3 Church Path, Woking, Surrey GU21 6EJ


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