Introducing The Knaphillian

We are delighted to have relaunched The Knaphillian, your independent website for Knaphill and nearby villages. This website is all about people. We are featuring local residents with interesting stories to tell and are meeting the people behind the very many businesses and services that this village and other nearby villages offer. We want you to feel you already know people before you step in through a door, or pick up a phone. We feel lucky to live in such an amazing village that has such diverse trades and such a lot to offer.

Many of you will remember The Knaphillian when it was published by Mal Foster, a local author and historian. It ran for over ten years and during its lifetime, Mal tells us it attracted over 120,000 visits. We hope we are filling these big boots as we aim to give you an interesting, informative local website that you enjoy use to share information with each other.

Although this site is now different, one of the popular features that Mal offered was a discussion Forum, which was very popular. So, we have included a Forum to give you the opportunity to talk to each other about local issues and share information. Click on the Forum image on the home page to access this.

We are really enjoying hearing stories about many of the nearby businesses and services and how they came to be trading and meet some hardworking people who are working tirelessly to bring you such an amazing range of products and services in this area. Our Features on businesses are written in good faith from content provided by the business owners. We hope you will enjoy reading these stories and they will introduce you to the people behind the doors of the shops, offices and workshops and help you to know what they have to offer. The Knaphillian is independent and we take no payment or concessions for offering this content FREE OF CHARGE and offer no recommendations or bias. However, we are proud to have the opportunity to support the very many trades and hope that in doing so we can help them to thrive in this village.

You can buy almost everything ...

Our editorials about local residents FOCALS (Focus on Locals) have already featured many individuals with an interesting story, hobby or business. We are fascinated to hear resident’s stories and invite YOU to let us know about yourselves, your neighbours or relatives if you or they have a story that you think will be of interest to our readers. For example, if you have an interesting hobby or pass-time, were born and bred in the village and want to share some memories or photographs, or you can tell us about the work you do, for example with local charities or just something that is a bit different, then we want to hear from you. Please contact us on

The site will evolve as we go along, and we welcome your input about things you would like to read about. We are developing the What’s On page which will be ready soon and hope this site will nestle well with the other great sources of local information offered by the Woking News and Mail and The Knaphill Residents Association.

Finally, we have compiled a Business Directory with as many of the local trades as we could identify, so readers can search for required facilities in the village or nearby. We will soon be offering the opportunity for entries to be enhanced with images, more information and a click through to business websites, so watch this space. If any business owner wants to be included in the directory and isn’t currently there, please get in touch with us at

So welcome to you all. We hope you will like what you see.



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